Soleil CA


From a long line of champions, Soleil CA+ was bred with beauty, athleticism, conformation, disposition and trainability in mind. Soleil’s pedigree includes many wonderful horses known for these traits.

Click a gold name in the pedigree to view more information about the horses whose lineage marks the future of a rising star, Soleil CA.

Showgun PGN++// Showkayce+ Fame VF+ Bey Shah+
Kay Kaiyoum++
Half Moon Bay
PGN Solitaire Bey Shah+ Bay El Bey++
Star of Ofir
Azebask *Bask++
Comar Azepa
Khameo AA Khemosabi++++// Amerigo Ferseyn
Jurneeka++ Fadjur
Athena AA TLA Halynov *Halycon
AA Venus Viva Le Bask

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